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              Hello, welcome to your arrival!
              •   TEL:0755-83218409|
              Home » Product » Lontium

              main products:

              1, HDMI switching;

              2. HDMI extension;

              3. TypeC video related interface conversion;

              4, RGB, MIPI, EDP, DP, LVDS, HDMI conversion;

              5, USB extension;

              Market direction:

              Can be widely used in personal computers, consumer electronics and peripherals, including notebook computers, HDTVs, smart phones, car devices, security monitoring, etc.; Long Xun's USB extension chip provides a cost-effective system solution for high-definition surveillance systems. With the best price/performance ratio, Longxun products are being accepted by well-known customers at home and abroad.

              序號型號封裝功能Pin to PinData Sheet
              1LT9611UXQFN-100Dual-Port MIPI DSI/CSI to HDMI2.0 with MIPI Input Switch and Audio
              2LT9611UXCQFN-64Dual-Port MIPI DSI/CSI to HDMI2.0 with Audio
              3LT2611UXQFN-100Quad-Port LVDS to HDMI2.0 with Audio
              4LT9611QFN-64Single/Dual Port MIPI CSI/DSI to HDMI 1.4 transmitter
              5LT8618EXALQFP-80TTL to HDMI 1.4LT8618SXA
              6LT8618SXCQFN-64TTL to HDMI 1.4, improved performanceLT8618EXB
              7LT8618SXBQFN-64TTL to HDMI 1.4, improved performanceLT8618EXB
              8LT8618SXALQFP-80TTL to HDMI 1.4, improved performanceLT8618EXA
              9LT8618EXBQFN-64TTL to HDMI 1.4LT8618SXB
              10LT6911UXQFN-128HDMI2.0 to Quad-Port MIPI DSI/CSI with AudioLT6911
              LT6911UXCQFN-64HDMI2.0 to Dual-Port MIPI DSI/CSI with AudioLT6911C
              12LT6211UXCQFN-64HDMI2.0 to Dual-Port LVDS with AudioLT6211C
              13LT6211UXQFN-128HDMI2.0 to Quad-Port LVDS with AudioLT6211
              14LT6211QFN-128HDMI 1.4 to 4 port LVDSLT6211UX
              15LT6211BBGA-144HDMI 1.4 to 4 port LVDS
              16LT6211CQFN-64HDMI 1.4 to 2 port LVDSLT6211UXC
              17LT6911QFN-128HDMI 1.4 to 4 port MIPI DSI/CSILT6911UX
              18LT6911CQFN-64HDMI 1.4 to 2 port MIPI DSI/CSILT6911UXC
              19LT6911BBGA-144HDMI 1.4 to 4 port MIPI DSI/CSI
              20LT8619CQFN-76HDMI 1.4 to TTL / 2 port LVDSLT8619B
              QFN-64LHDMI 1.4 to BT656/BT1120LT8619B
              LT8619BQFN-76HDMI 1.4 to TTL / 2 port LVDS with scaler, integrated MCULT8619C
              23LT8619TQFP-100HDMI 1.4 to TTL with scaler, integrated MCU
              24LT8631UXQFN-643-in 1-out HDMI 2.0 analog switch
              25LT8641UXBGA-1444-in 1-out HDMI 2.0 switch
              26LT8641SXETQFP-1004-in  1-out HDMI 1.4 switch with HDCP engine and digital audio output, jitter  cleaning & signal repeatingLT8641SX
              LT8641SXLQFP-1004-in 1-out HDMI 1.3 switch with HDCP engine and digital audio  outputLT8641SXE
              28LT8631SXQFN-643-in 1-out HDMI 1.4 analog switch

              29LT86104UXQFN-1281-in 4-out HDMI 2.0 splitter
              30LT86102UXTQFP-1001-in 2-out HDMI 2.0 splitter

              31LT8511AQFN-64HDMI 1.3 to VGA converter
              32LT8511A-MQFN-64HDMI 1.3 to VGA, integrated MCU
              33LT8711QFN-64Dual mode DP-VGA converter,compliant with HDMI 1.4 spec,support IIS 2-channel or SPDIF audio output
              34LT8718QFN-88RGB(TTL) to Type-C,QFN88,10x10
              35LT8711HEQFN-64Type C to HDMI 2.0,support PD Controller/Swift Charge/Billboard/U2 Switch with 2 CC,QFN48,7.5x7.5
              36LT8711H-CEQFN-64Type C (DP)to HDMI 2.0 converter with CC ,resolution up to 4Kx2K ,60Hz
              37LT8711UXQFN-88Type C (DP)to HDMI 2.0 converter with 2 CC Resolution up to 4Kx2K ,60Hz
              38LT8711EH-CQFN-64Type C (DP)to HDMI 2.0 converter with CC, resolution up to 4Kx2K ,60HzLT8711H-CE
              39LT8711X-BQFN-64Type-C/DP to VGA and audio
              LT8711H-CQFN-64Type C to HDMI 1.4,support PD Controller with one CCLT8711EH-C
              Shenzhen A-unit Electronics Co., Ltd. Tel: 0755-83218409 Fax: 0755-83203449 ?
              Online QQ: 313703185 E-mail: sales@szaunit.com
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